Amazon Price Alerts Can Save You Money

8th March 2018

Setting up to receive price alerts on Amazon products can save you money. You can automatically get notified when the products you want drop in price. How good is that?

It's very good, actually! Let's find out some more...

So, what's a price alert?

A price alert is the thing that notifies you a product you're watching has dropped to, or below, your custom set desired price.

The benefits?

  • Buy when the price is right for you - you may not need the product right away and are prepared to wait to see if the product comes down in price in the meantime.
  • Catch a deal - you never know, the product you want may have a significant price drop. A price alert will notify you if this happens!
  • Don't pay over-the-odds - you know a product is a higher price than usual and you'd like to wait until it drops down to a more reasonable price.

Great! How do I get started?

Well, you need to set up a price watch on your first product. We call this a Price Spy - and they're quick, simple and free to create.

Get started by searching for the product you want:

If you need further information on how to create Price Spies, click here.