3 Easy Steps To Setting Up Amazon Price Alerts

17th January 2018

Setting up Amazon price alerts on products you're looking to buy can save you money, as you'll be notified when any of those products drop to your desired amount. You can then be confident that you are purchasing at the price right for you.

It's a quick & easy process to set them up. Here at Slashazon, you simply create a Price Spy (this will watch your product for price changes) and then sit back and wait. Once your desired price is met (or beaten) you'll automatically receive an email price alert! You can track as many products as you wish, and what's more, they're free to create.

Read on to discover the 3 quick and simple steps to start receiving Amazon price alerts.

1. Find a Amazon.com product you wish to track

(if Amazon.com is not your local website, click here to change your locale)

Search for your product directly on Slashazon:

(you can use the Slashazon search bar located at the top of the website too)

Or, find your product on Amazon.com

Once you've found the product you want, copy the Amazon product page URL, return to the Slashazon website and paste it into our search bar.

Tip On the Amazon product page URL, replace the word amazon from the domain with slashazon.

Great! You should now see your product as a Price Spy, ready to be configured. Let's get it set up...

Amazon Price Alert setup

2. Configure the Price Spy

  1. Add your email address - this is the email that any price alerts will be sent to.
    (if you are logged in to your Slashazon account then you'll be able to skip this step each time)
  2. Set your desired Amazon price - if it drops to (or below) this price, you'll get an email price alert.
  3. Click 'Create Amazon Price Spy' - and you're done!

Marketplace, Price Drop Helpers

  • You can set desired prices for Marketplace: New, Used and Refurbished. Click the eyeball icon to reveal these options.
  • Use the Price Drop Helpers to quickly set your desired price with predefined values. Find out more about using Price Drop Helpers.

3. Sit back and wait for a price alert!

Now you've got the Price Spy created, it's a case of waiting for that price to drop. At least you'll be the first to know. In the meantime, why not create some more?

Updating a Price Spy

On creating each Price Spy, you'll receive an email from us with its details. You can click the link on this email to edit the Price Spy configuration. There is also the option to delete it.

Receiving email price alerts

You'll be alerted (via the email you provided) when our system detects a product's price has dropped to (or below) your desired price. Once receiving the email, you may need to act fast, as prices can change rapidly!

Slashazon account

If you have a Slashazon account you can manage all your Price Spies here.

If you don't have an account yet, don't worry, as all Price Spies attached to your email address will automatically be linked to your new account when (or if) you decide to create one. Register now!